H-SMO-B mulcher - attachment for excavator


Mulching mower - attachment for excavator 150-250 bar | 40-140 l/min [2175-3626 psi | 10.5-37 gpm]

  • Mulching mower for excavators from 5 to 13 t.
  • Mulching of grass and brush up to 7 cm [3”] Ø
Grande nella manutenzione del verde
Mulching mower for excavators from 5 to 13 t
Ideal für die Pflege von Böschungen und Brachland
Broyeur pour pelles de petite et moyenne puissance
Trituradora de acople a excavadoras de 5 a 13 t
Отличная комбинация для ухода за зелёными зонами
  • Mulching of grass and brush up to 7 cm [3”] Ø

The model H-SMO-B is a strong and versatile flail mulcher for maintaining wasteland and areas difficult to access. This hydraulic attachment is trong and universal mower to be mounted on tyre or tracked excavators for maintaining

overgrown areas and slopes, land clearing, right of way management and green spece maintenance.

H-SMO-B mulching head is Prepared for an individual interface plate for excavators of different brands. The rear hood allows the adjustment of the degree of mulching. With the stong support roller it is possible to adapt to the contours of the ground and to adjust the height of cut. Mechanical float adaptor follows the contours of the ground.

Available working width: 125, 150, 200 [49", 59", 79"].

  • Mulching head suitable for excavators from 5 to 13 tons
  • Mulches grass & wood up to 7 cm [3”] Ø
  • Standard rotor with SMO flails
  • Predisposed for interface plate (universal for different kind of excavator attachments)
  • Predisposed for transmission with hydraulic motor of choice
  • Recommended oil flow: 40-140 l/min [10.6 - 37 gpm]
  • Adjustable rear hood
  • Front protection with chains
  • Rear protection: safety rubber flap
  • Reinforced support roller, adjustable in height by 5 cm [2”]
  • Colour: yellow
  • Rotor with Y knives
  • Variable displacement motor with relief valve, different types at choice
  • Attachment - interface plate for excavators of different brands
  • Mechanical float adaptor
  • Interface plate with 190° rotation
  • Side discharge conveyer belt XTR

And other options of choice.

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